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    RHG is the exclusive distributor of Gardiner Pole Systems in the USA.


    Back in 2007 Gardiner Poles revolutionized the Water Fed Pole market with the release of the SL-X™ full carbon pole.  No other pole was as compact when closed or as rigid in use.  This was due to two key features: Smaller tolerances between section sizes & the use of a Lateral Clamp system.  Up until the release of the original SL-X™ most telescopic poles used a ‘longtitudinal clamp lever’.  Whilst these work very well, the ‘Lateral Clamp design’ has two advantages: Greater clamping strength due to the direct action of the lever cam, & a more compact clamp length (up to 60% less) allowing for more efficient pole sizes. RHG Products company has been distributing the Gardiner Poles since its development and we continue to support the brand.

    CLX Hybrid Poles:

    The CLX pole is manufactured to the highest standards. Constructed of a blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber, these poles are an economical option for work ranging from 4′ up to 30′ in height (sizes available: 4′, 18′, 27′). The CLX utilizes the same ‘Lateral Clamp Design’ as the SLX, which gives it many of the same advantages as it’s bigger brother.






    SLX Carbon Fiber Poles:

    The SLX pole is manufactured to the highest standards. Constructed from 100% carbon fiber, these poles have set the standard by which all other poles are measured. Available from 30′ to 60′ (sizes available: 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′). The popularity of this pole is rooted in it’s ability to stay rigid even up to 60′ in length. The carbon fiber material is very lightweight and user friendly.







    Super-Lite Xtreme Carbon Fiber Poles:

    Gardiner Xtreme High Modulus Telescopic pole. Provides the lightest and easiest way of working available.The 18ft Xtreme (actual length) is a domestic/residential size pole and is ideal for those who need to work with a very light and rigid pole for injury or strain related issues.The 25ft Xtreme kicks off the rest of the range and allows for the lightest, easiest way of window cleaning available. By the use of Xtreme extension packs this 25ft pole can be converted into a 44ft fully telescopic Xtreme pole. With the use of modular extensions this can then be taken to 74ft.For those wanting an Xtreme pole focused on high-level work the Xtreme47 is the perfect choice. Designed to be used at high levels for long periods of time this pole can be used at 47 or 52ft as a fully telescopic pole or with the addition of modular extensions can be used at up to 77ft (reach 80ft+).

    Super light weight using high modulus (63.3 MSI) carbon fibre technology
    Patent application numbers GB1103107.7, EP12250037.4, US-20120211978
    Compact Lateral Clamps – low profile to underside of pole surface – non-catching
    Spaced Clamps to Prevent Finger Pinching
    Robust Thermoplastic & Fibre Glass Reinforced Clamps and Levers
    Insulated Handle Section

    No other pole comes close.

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