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About Us

'Who is RHG Products Company?'



To provide the most reliable equipment you can buy, backed by the best customer support in the industry.


In 2006 Shawn Gavin, Owner of Reach Higher Ground, Inc began selling water-fed poles to fellow window cleaners around the USA.  Over the next couple years he slowly built a reputation as someone with the knowledge and support to help fellow window cleaners integrate the time saving equipment into their own businesses.  In 2007 the first Reach Higher Ground spot free water system was made and when it was demonstrated at an event in San Antonio, TX it was purchased by a fellow window cleaner.  Shawn knew then he was onto something and he began focusing on manufacturing and supplying more than his window cleaning company.

In 2014 RHG began manufacturing soft wash cleaning equipment for cleaning roofs and siding as well as a line of industrial vacuums for cleaning rain gutters.  In March of 2015 RHG purchased Tucker®, the oldest manufacturer of water-fed poles in the world.  The acquisition of Tucker® gave RHG the ability to offer a complete product offering featuring the best known water-fed poles as well as the number one window cleaning brush in the world.

Fast forward to today and RHG is no longer ran by only Shawn operating out of a small garage in a residential setting, but rather a large manufacturing facility in Colorado with a team of experts in their fields.  We are dedicated to bringing you the best cleaning equipment your money can buy and backing you up with the best customer support in the industry.


Tucker® Testimonials


 The Tucker Brush is absolutely THE best water fed brush on the market. I've literally tried almost all of them out there and nothing can compare with the scrubbing power and splaying action of the Tucker Brush. After heavy usage most water fed brushes lose their shape and bristles fall apart giving it that "wilted flower" look. Not the Tucker Brush. It holds its shape after months and months of heavy use.
Nothing can compare. Period."

Brian Velarde Kleen Sees Window Cleaning Brea, CA

EZ Pure Testimonials

 I want to say THANK YOU!!!! for helping me with the small situation I had concerning the Caddie systems I had purchased, you and the staff at RHG went over and above for me and my company and I really appreciate that. It’s hard to find companies that truly hold the highest of standards when it comes to “Customer Service” and ‘Customer Satisfaction” I was so happy with the way you handled everything that I immediately ordered my third caddie system :) Please have anyone contact me personally at 239-822-2222 if they need a recommendation concerning the ‘Caddie Systems” or for RHG…You guys Rock!!!” Jason Evers Coastline Window Cleaning Fort Myers, FL 

20 years as the owner of a window cleaning company I recently decided to invest in a water fed pole system. I was introduced to the ez pure system and the carbon fiber water fed poles at the Master Window Cleaners Convention this past April. Shawn Gavin gave an excellent demonstration and gave me the opportunity to really use the equipment and I was convinced. I purchased the system and pole through a distributor and my initial use of the equipment was very disappointing due to some problems with the system. In my attempts to trouble shoot the problem I was given the cell number of Shawn Gavin and his response to my dilemma was great! He took care of my problem at his own expense and I was up and running on the job site without any delay or having to reschedule with my customer. Shawn’s dedication to protecting his company’s reputation is refreshing in an age of “it’s not my problem” way of doing business. I would give RHG my highest recommendation.” John Martin Waukesha Window Cleaning Waukesha, WI 

Here at That Window Guy, we had been reluctant to take the plunge into the pure water cleaning pool. The costs seemed high and we were unsure if the results would justify the expense. After a lot of consultation with Shawn Gavin as well as the opportunity to get a hands on demonstration while at the NOLA networking event, we decided it was time to jump in. Best decision we have made in a long time. Our experience with Shawn was excellent. We ended up buying a water-fed pole and an EZ Pure RO/DI system. Both arrived as advertised. At first we were having some water flow issues with the EZ Pure. Shawn immediately overnighted a new carbon filter for us and everything worked fine. Turns out the problem was probably an error on our part but Shawn took care of everything for us. Since using a WFP, our production and earnings/hour have gone way up. This is a major time saver that ends up cleaning the windows better than traditional squeegee methods. If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to get into the pure water cleaning business, you need to make it happen. You won’t regret it. And Shawn and his team at RHG are the ones to help you get it done.” Sam Mezzell That Window Guy Lindale, TX

I had looked at some of the other systems available, too, and all I had to go on was the pictures I could find online. The EZ Pure system looked simple, and a good friend of mine from Colorado recommended that I try it, so I bought one in February 2011. The EZ Pure consists of three hoses, inlet, outlet, and relief valve. It is set so anybody can set it up with ease. The filters have an easy change design and it the entire unit is portable. It is ideal for any job site. And even though it’s a 4-stage system, it’s costs several hundred dollars less than the other systems out there, so that part is great, too. The very first job I used the EZ Pure for was a local hospital, and with that one job, the system paid for itself. If you’re looking to get into pure water cleaning, I’d recommend that you seriously consider the EZ Pure System from Reach Higher Ground.” David Tomaszewski Tri-State Window Cleaning Southaven, MS

So EZ a caveman can do it.” Kevin Heap Brightboy Window Cleaning Parker, CO 

I just wanted to send you some info on my EZ Pure Caddy. I have really enjoyed using the system along with the carbon fiber pole. It has really saved me a lot of time and energy on the jobs I have been able to use it on.” Casey J. Anderson Illinois Valley Clean Team Utica, IL

I purchased an EZ pure this year and have been very happy about my decision. The learning curve (not ever using WFP) was quick and having the confidence of the water EZ pure provides has turned me into a pro. It’s easily transported, easy to hook up and hasn’t let me down yet. ” Justin Monk A Pane in the Glass Spokane, WA

I have the EZpure from RHG and I love it! I would highly recommend that anyone looking for WFP equipment strongly consider RHG Products! Their products are great and their customer service is unmatched!” Logan Wilder Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Greensburg, IN 

 H2Pro Testimonials

 I purchased the H2O Pro this summer – I am extremely pleased with it. For us it was a great add-on for our business. Being on the beach at the Jersey Shore, our TDS levels are extremely high, that would result in us going through 1 filter per week. When I explained to RHG what our situation was, Sean explained how important the H2O Pro is in my work environment. I met Sean in January 2014 and I was extremely impressed by his knowledge and dedication, and his above and beyond customer service. He is truly invested in the industry. Thank you. Jason Mariano Under Pressure H20 Spring Lake, NJ

I purchased a RO/DI system from RHG and two carbon fiber WFP in January of 2014 and these tools have revolutionized the way I clean! Now instead of dreading the task of cleaning windows, we’ve actually made it a profitable add-on service for Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning! What makes the tools even better is that the folks at RHG are always ready and willing to offer technical advice and service questions regarding their products. Its so Refreshing to find a company that stands behind what they sell!!!! Ramon Burke Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning Tallahassee, FL

Just dropping a line to say how extremely pleased I am with my H2Pro. In my opinion it’s the best system on the market today. The manifold and ease of use are second to none. Refillable cartridges in the carbon and DI housings mean low long term operating costs for me since I live in an area of moderate to high TDS. A big thanks to Shawn and Reach Higher Ground for continually pushing the envelope of pure water cleaning technology. Tony Evans A New View Window Cleaning Marengo, IA 

Fill 'N' Go Testimonials

 We purchased a RHG Fill N’Go system because we were looking for a mobile waterfed system for one of our vehicles. After some research, we selected this set up for its size, quality, serviceability, and price. Our decision was reinforced by the service after the sale we have received from RHG. We like the until so much, that we are making plans to purchase more for some of our other trucks.” Jason York E-Z Window Cleaning Wauksha, WI