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12 Month Interest Free Payment Plan from RHG Tucker®

12 Month Interest Free Payment Plan from RHG Tucker®

Apr 8th 2020

New RHG Tucker® Window Cleaning Equipment Payment Plan Lets You Buy Now, Pay Over 12 Months, Interest Free

You already know that RHG Tucker® water fed pole systems and accessories save you in time, efficiency, and headaches. Now we can help save you out-of-pocket money too!

Whether you’re feeling the pinch from COVID-19, or you’re just wanting to hold on to your cash a little longer, there’s no reason to put off investing in the RHG Tucker® water fed pole line, the best quality WFP products on the market.

We get it. If your budget is tighter than normal, you may be tempted to sacrifice quality in order to pay less out of pocket. However, even with all that’s happening in the world right now, it’s important to think long term about your window cleaning business. Buying a cheap, inferior water fed pole system, brushes, or other window cleaning supplies means you’ll be sacrificing quality, and you’ll probably have additional repair or replacement costs in the not-so-distant future.

That’s why we’ve come up with a much better, more affordable option for you – our special 12-month payment plan.

Through our new payment plan, you can invest in RHG’s superior window cleaning equipment and supplies without having to pay the full price up front. The payment plan can get you the window cleaning tools you need today, then let you can for pay for it over the next 12 months.

Why Use the RHG 12-Month Payment Plan?

RHG’s new payment plan has so many benefits:

  • Payments spread out over 12 months
  • Zero Interest Charged
  • No Late Fees
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Applications Required
  • No Minimums
  • Free Delivery for Team Tucker® members

Plus, you still earn all your credit card reward points, miles, or cash back like you normally would. Team Tucker® members also still earn “Good-as-Cash” reward points on payment plan purchases too.

How the RHG Tucker® Payment Plan Works

The RHG payment plan lets you divide the cost of your water fed pole system or other window cleaning equipment purchases into 12 equal monthly installment payments, all interest free.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must use a Visa or Mastercard CREDIT card. You cannot use a debit card.
  • Your card must have the amount of credit available required to cover the complete purchase. The program is basically preauthorizing the purchase for you, but it’s only billing you 1/12th the payment each month.
  • You’ll pay 1/12th of the amount due at checkout, we’ll ship the product right away (for free for Team Tucker® members in the lower 48 states), and we’ll automatically charge you 1/12th of the purchase price each month for the next 11 months.
  • With each monthly payment, the available amount of credit on your card automatically adjusts to show your balance has decreased and available credit has increased.
  • You still receive all your credit card reward points, miles, or cash back like you normally would.
  • Team Tucker® members still receive “Good-as-Cash” reward points on payment-plan purchases.

As you look at the various products on our website, you’ll see all of our Tucker® water fed pole and purification systems list the full price as well as a “x12” option. That’s your monthly price through the RHG 12-month payment plan. Even our least expensive items, like a $1.08 replacement nipple for the Tucker Head Assembly, can be divided into 12 payments of just 9 cents each! By using the RHG Tucker® payment plan, you can get into a Tucker® water fed pole system for as little as $80 a month.

Team Tucker® Members Can Save Even More!

Remember, Team Tucker® members can save even more. All Team Tucker® members in the lower 48 states get free shipping on all online orders (free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska on all online orders over $99), plus you earn “Good-as-Cash” reward points, as well as gain access to special pricing, invitation-only shopping events, and special discounts to help save you even more money on future purchases. And guess what? The $99 fee to join Team Tucker® can be paid for over 12 months as well!

Just like the Team Tucker® program, the new RHG payment plan really is a game changer for the window cleaning industry. We’ve made the payment plan super simple for you to use, and people are utilizing the new program like crazy.

Just ask Sheila Smeltzer of A+ Pro Services, Inc., who had this to say: “RHG’s new payment plan was critical in paying for much-needed equipment in our down season. I was having a difficult time with cash flow, but using the payment plan allowed our accounting to spread out payments with no interest while paying Tucker® as due. The set up was so easy, I did it on my cell phone while drinking a much-needed beer!”

The RHG payment plan really is a no brainer. So stop waiting and start ordering. Get your new equipment right away, then pay it off over the next 12 months.

Got questions? Call us at (303)663-1779, fill out our contact page, or chat with us online.

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