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Complete Equipment Packages


  • Soft Washing KIT

    Soft Washing KIT

    Looking to get into roof cleaning?  Siding cleaning? This Kit has everything you need with the exception of bleach and water to get going. Included -  50 Gallon SmartWash System 4 Pack of Agent Clean Chemicals   Details below - Smart Wash...

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  • Starter KIT

    Starter KIT

    If you are looking to get into window cleaning or solar panel cleaning and you are not in a position to purchase the Tucker® PRO 3 Stage Package, this is the best option for you.  And crazy affordable, right? Included in this kit are 3 products...

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  • PRO - 3Stage KIT

    PRO - 3Stage KIT

    When it comes to the perfect water-fed set up for residential window cleaning (and anything up to 30' frankly), nothing compares to this. This bundle includes our : Tucker® 3 Stage RO/DI Mobile Cart The Tucker® Hose reel w/150' of hose The...

    $3,204.74 - $5,205.50
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  • PRO - 4Stage Kit

    PRO - 4Stage Kit

    This kit is designed for those looking for more water flow for faster rinsing in all water conditions. This bundle includes our : Tucker® 4 Stage RO/DI Mobile Cart - The 4060 w/ the highest flow rates available today. The Tucker® Hose reel w/150'...

    $4,295.72 - $6,306.48
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  • Solar Panel Cleaning KIT

    Solar Panel Cleaning KIT

    This is the ultimate set up for solar panel cleaning.     Includes the Tucker® 4060 Mobile RO/DI Cart. Tucker's commercial work horse! This system will produce more water than others making your cleaning time faster! The Tucker® -...

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  • Gutter Cleaning KIT

    Gutter Cleaning KIT

        Looking to go out and start cleaning gutter safely from the ground? This package includes everything you need to get started and professionally clean gutters safely. The gutter vacuum and the gutter pole.  Details below...

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