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Standard Pole Goosenecks

  • Tucker® Swivel

    Sweet new swivel from Tucker® This is a great option for those who want to have a swivel action at the brush rather than a fixed angle. Tension is adjustable so you can loosen or tighten to your preference.

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  • Tucker® Plastic Adjustable Gooseneck

    This Tucker® plastic adjustable gooseneck is a very robust made in USA replacement for your euro style water-fed pole and brush. Approximate reach is 5 inches and the angle is easily adjustable. Simply screw on the gooseneck to the tip of...

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  • Reach Around Gooseneck

    Plastic adjustable gooseneck. Includes the male euro thread as well as the male acme thread.  Red acme thread accepts accesories for cleaning. Fully adjustable to accomplish tons of angles. 

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    The red male acme threaded tip, or REACH/AROUND as it was named back in 2010 has been helping window cleaners add accessories to their water-fed poles for years. The male thread will accept many different accessories such as cone tips, doodlebugs,...

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  • Doodlebug

    Looking for a way to remove stubborn stains that a brush alone can not remove? This doodlebug screws onto the red tip that came with your RHG pole.   Attach to it any non-scratching pad like bronze wool or a white scrubby pad safe for glass.

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  • Bronze Wool Pads

    Bronze wool pad great for polishing glass surfaces. Unlike steel wool pads these will not rust. Use with or without doodlebugs!

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