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Gutter Cleaning Equipment

Tucker Gutter Vacuum Systems

Let's be honest, gutter cleaning is a tough job that requires hard work and a lot of balance. Instead of climbing on the roof during the summer heat, our gutter cleaning vacuums allow you to safely and effectively clean gutters from the ground. The Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum is a 17 gallon system that includes a 25 foot hose. 

    • Tucker® aluminum Gutter pole kit

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    • Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum V2.0

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    • Lighted GutterVac Switch

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    • Vac Hose Cuff

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    • Vac Hose 25ft w/cuffs

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    • Gutter-pro motor

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    • Gutter-Pro Replacement Filter

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    • Gutter-Pro Inlet

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    • Gutter-Pole Replacement Gooseneck

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