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Gutter Vacuums and Parts

  • Gutter-Pro Gutter Vacuum

    The Gutter-Pro Vacuum System is a versatile, powerful, easy to use machine.  The 3, 800 watt motors provide plenty of power to clean rain gutters from the ground.  The large rear wheels allow the machine to roll easily across lawns and over...

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  • Vac Hose Cuff

    Looking for a replacement flexible hose cuff for your Gutter Vac hose? This is it! Friction fits onto the end of your gutter pole. Reverse threads onto vac hose.

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  • Gutter-Pole Replacement Gooseneck

    This is the replacement head assembly for the gutter pro vacuum from RHG / Tucker®. 2" Interior Diameter for exceptional air flow. Simply slide the clamp over the end of the aluminum gutter poles and close lever down into place.

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  • Gutter Cleaning KIT

        Looking to go out and start cleaning gutter safely from the ground? This package includes everything you need to get started and professionally clean gutters safely. The gutter vacuum and the gutter pole.  Details below...

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