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TRAD Poles

  • Tucker® SF-9

    Tucker® SF-9

    The Tucker® SF-9 (store front pole) is the first in a line of Tucker® telescoping poles designed specifically for use with squeegees and other standard traditional window cleaning tools. This pole is made from high quality hybrid materials...

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  • ACME Tip ECO-30

    NOW with our ACME Tip for high level Traditional pole work. Looking for a carbon fiber pole at an exceptional value? The Tucker® ECO (economy) line of carbon fiber poles are just that! The Tucker® ECO - 30 (AKA EZ-30) is made of a high grade...

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  • Tucker® 3K Nose to Glass Handle w/ ACME TIP

    Want to convert your current Tucker® water-fed pole to an acme threaded pole? Interested in a ground level nose to glass handle for with a built in aluminum anodized acme tip? Well here it is.   Tucker® 3K carbon fiber material...

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