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Reverse Osmosis and Deionization

  • Tucker® Caddy

    The Tucker® caddy is a very simply mobile RO/DI system that has a small foot print. Great for those working out of cars or other vehicles with small compact storage demands. The caddy consist of 4 filters.  The first filter is the Carbon...

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  • Tucker® 3 Stage RO/DI Cart

    Looking for an RO/DI cart that produces more water than any other 40" RO system on the market?  You found it.   Tucker® 3 Stage RO/DI Cart - MADE IN USA The Tucker Cart is a 3-stage Pure Water system comes on a powder coated lightweight...

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  • Tucker® 4-Stage RO/DI Cart

    Tucker's commercial work horse! This system will produce more water than others making your cleaning time faster! The Tucker® - The 4060. Most every system on the market uses a 40" RO Membrane that can supply 1 pole on line pressure. Using (2)...

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